32. Arch Manning Siblings May Manning and heid Manning

Arch Manning, also known as Arch Davis Manning, is a former American football quarterback. He is the son of Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Peyback Manning and brother of quarterbacks Ozzie Nelson Manning and Cooper Nelson Manning. Arch Manning is the fifth of five Manning brothers who played professional football, and has been described as a “success with plenty of personality”. Arch Manning stands at 6 feet 3 inches and weighs 195 pounds. Archie Manning Jr. is his son, who currently plays college football for New Mexico State.

arch manning height and weight

The former volleyball player is 5 feet 4 inches tall (162.6 cm) and has chosen not to disclose her weight at this time. Each person’s unique physicality is an integral part of their identity and should be respected.

Arch manning parents

Arch Manning

Cooper Manning, born on March 6, 1974 in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the eldest son of Archie Manning and the older brother of Eli and Peyton Manning. He is known as an American entrepreneur, television analyst, and program host. Cooper played football at Isidore Newman School as a wide receiver and later became the host of “The Manning Hour” on Fox Sports. Currently, he holds the position of senior managing director and principal at AJ Capital Partners. Despite his football career being cut short due to an injury, his influence on Peyton is evident through Peyton’s choice to use the same jersey number, 18, in honor of Cooper, when he started his NFL career in 1998. Cooper Manning and Ellen Heidingsfelder tied the knot in 1999 and have three children: Heid, Arch, and May.

Arch Manning Has Two Siblings 

Arch Manning

Arch Manning is a 17-year-old college quarterback from Louisiana. He’s going to play for the Texas Longhorns in 2022. He’s 6 feet 3 inches tall, weighs around 204 pounds, and was born on May 19, 2005. He’s the nephew of Peyton Manning and Eli Manning. He went to Isidore Newman School in New Orleans and played really well in his first game, leading his team to a big win. He also played on TV in 2020. He has two siblings, Heid and May, who are from Drew, Mississippi. Arch is the middle child, younger than May and older than Heid.

Arch Manning Grandparents

Arch Manning

Arch Manning’s grandparents are Archie Manning and Olivia Williams Manning. Archie, a former professional football player, was born on May 19, 1949. Arch Manning’s parents are Jane Elizabeth and Elisha Archibald Manning Jr. Elisha really enjoyed watching his son Archie participate in sports. Archie attended Drew High School and was even selected for Major League Baseball. He was the first Manning to play in the National Football League (NFL) and mainly played for the New Orleans Saints. Since then, the Manning family has been living in Louisiana.

Arch Manning Brother and Sister

Arch Manning’s brother is Heid Manning and his sister is May Manning.

Heid Manning is a 16-year-old American football quarterback who was born on April 20, 2006. He began his football training in 2021 and currently attends Isidore Newman School in New Orleans. He stands at 6 feet tall and holds American citizenship. He also has an Instagram account under @heidmanning54 with 6703 followers, following 1958 accounts, and has made 21 posts, with his account being set to private.

May Manning, on the other hand, is 21 years old and was born on March 12, 2002. She plays on the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Team at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, where she has achieved significant success, including being awarded the most valuable player for her performance. In the fifth season with the state-champion Cardinals in 2020, she played as the outside hitter as well as in the middle blocker positions. She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall and holds American citizenship.


In conclusion, the Manning family has a rich sports legacy, particularly in football. Arch Manning, the 17-year-old college quarterback, is set to join the Texas Longhorns in 2022 and has already displayed his talent on the field, following in the footsteps of his accomplished relatives like his uncle Peyton Manning and father Cooper Manning. Arch has siblings, Heid and May, both actively involved in sports – Heid as a 16-year-old football quarterback and May as a successful volleyball player. The family’s deep connection to football is evident through multiple generations, with Archie Manning’s notable career in the NFL. The Manning family continues to make a mark in sports, maintaining strong ties to Louisiana and leaving a lasting legacy in the world of athletics.

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