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Sanaa Saleh is the supportive force behind Robert Saleh, the head coach of the New York Jets. Although she maintains a private life and doesn’t have a public social media presence, her impact on her husband’s career is profound. The couple got married in 2007 and have formed a formidable team, raising seven children together. Robert has openly expressed how crucial Sanaa’s support is to him, stating in an interview, “My family. They’re my Why. I wake up every morning, kiss my wife, kiss my kids, every single one of ’em goodbye. They’re the reason why I wake up in the morning to do my absolute best.” Sanaa’s steadfast support undoubtedly plays a significant role in Robert’s daily life and career as an NFL coach.

Who is Sanaa Saleh? All we know about Robert Saleh’s wife

Sanaa Saleh, born on April 10, 1984, in Dearborn, Michigan, has led a remarkable life. Her journey began at Fordson High School, where she met her future husband, Robert Saleh. Following her graduation in 2002, Sanaa pursued a major in psychology at the University of Michigan. Reports indicate that she now pursues a career as a counselor, specializing in family and child mental health. Furthermore, Sanaa’s compassionate nature is evident in her founding of the non-profit organization, Sanaa’s Stars, in 2019, with a mission to provide hope and love to children who have experienced abuse.

In 2007, Sanaa tied the knot with Robert Saleh, and together they have raised a delightful team of seven children – sons Adam, Zane, Michael, Sam, and Jacob, along with daughters Mila and Ella. Despite the spotlight that comes with being the wife of an NFL coach, particularly in the vibrant media market of New York, Sanaa maintains a low profile and isn’t very active on social media. Her dedication to her family and her meaningful work truly speaks volumes about her character.

Robert Saleh net worth: How much is the New York Jets HC worth in 2023?

Robert Saleh is the head coach of the New York Jets in the National Football League (NFL). Saleh’s Net worth as of 2023 is estimated to be $1.2 million. This includes his salary as head coach, bonuses, and endorsement deals. It’s important to note that coach’s net worth may change year by year due to various reasons such as performance on the field, bonuses, and other factors that may affect their compensation.

Sanaa Saleh Biography

NameSanaa Saleh
Date of birthApril 10, 1984
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Age39 years as of 2023
Home townNot known
Education qualificationGraduation
HobbiesNot known
BoyfriendRobert Saleh
Marital statusMarried

Sanaa Saleh Education Qualification

SchoolFordson High School
CollegeUniversity of Michigan
Education QualificationMajored in psychology

Sanaa Saleh Height and Weight

HeightIn feet and  inches – 5’ 5” / 1.65m
Weight65 kg
Eyes colorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Skin colorFair
Body measurement32-28-34

Robert Saleh wife ethnicity

Robert Saleh is a Saudi Arabian-American football coach who was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. He is currently the head coach of the Houston Texans. While it may be possible to determine his wife’s ethnicity by looking at their photographs or listening to interviews with them, this information is not publicly available and would be considered private. It is important to respect Robert Saleh’s personal life and avoid speculating about sensitive information that he may not be comfortable sharing.

Early years

Saleh’s journey to becoming an influential figure in football is rooted in a remarkable story of inspiration. Born to Lebanese immigrants in Dearborn, Michigan, Saleh’s high school days were spent at Fordson High School, where he honed his skills and laid the foundation for a bright future.

Venturing further into his academic and athletic pursuits, Saleh attended Northern Michigan University from 1997 to 2001. There, he not only earned a degree in finance but also made his mark as a four-year starter for the Wildcats, showcasing his talent as a tight end and earning well-deserved all-conference honors.

However, the turning point in Saleh’s life can be traced back to the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The harrowing experience of his brother David, who was present in the South Tower during the attacks, profoundly impacted Saleh. David’s escape from the tower and the subsequent realization of how fleeting life can be ignited a fire within Saleh, propelling him towards his true calling in coaching football.

This remarkable story adds depth to Saleh’s journey, highlighting the resilience and determination that have undoubtedly shaped his approach to coaching and leadership in the NFL.

Personal life

Saleh and his wife, Sanaa, make a fascinating pair as the proud parents of five sons and two daughters. Their heritage adds another layer to their dynamic story — Saleh is of Lebanese descent and is a trailblazer as the first Muslim head coach in NFL history. He also holds the distinction of being the fourth Arab-American head coach in the NFL. Their shared ability to speak Arabic undoubtedly brings a unique cultural richness to their family life.

Additionally, Saleh’s connections in the NFL run deep, as he was the best man at Green Bay Packers’ head coach Matt LaFleur’s wedding. The bond between the two coaches was forged during their time working together as graduate assistants at Central Michigan and as assistant coaches for the Houston Texans. This personal connection adds a compelling dimension to Saleh’s journey to becoming a groundbreaking figure in the NFL coaching world.

Coaching career

Saleh’s coaching career is a testament to his unwavering dedication and passion for the sport. His journey began at the collegiate level in 2002, where he gained invaluable experience as a defensive assistant at various prestigious institutions, including Michigan State University, Central Michigan University, and the University of Georgia.

In 2005, Saleh transitioned to the NFL, starting as an intern with the Houston Texans. His hard work and commitment led to his retention as a defensive quality control coach and later a promotion to assistant linebackers coach. This period marked the beginning of Saleh’s impactful tenure in the professional leagues.

Saleh’s career reached a new height in 2011 when he joined the Seattle Seahawks as the defensive quality control coach, contributing to the team’s famed “Legion of Boom” defense during their victorious 2013 championship season.

Subsequently, Saleh’s expertise earned him the role of linebackers coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars under head coach Gus Bradley. His journey then led him to the San Francisco 49ers, where he assumed the crucial position of defensive coordinator under the leadership of head coach Kyle Shanahan. During his time with the 49ers, Saleh played a pivotal role in steering the team to Super Bowl LIV, showcasing his exceptional coaching acumen.

His impressive track record and outstanding contributions culminated in his well-deserved appointment as the head coach of the New York Jets in January 2021. Despite the challenges faced in his debut season, Saleh’s leadership and determination undoubtedly lay the groundwork for a promising future with the Jets.

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