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Jalen hurts girlfriend is Bry Burrows. Bry Burrows also known as Bryonna Rivera Burrows, was born in the USA on May 1, 1997. Though we’re not sure exactly where she’s from, it looks like she lives about 240 miles away from Jalen Hurts’ family home in Houston, Texas.

Bry is a smart cookie when it comes to education. She got her bachelor’s degree in political science and Spanish from the University of Alabama in 2017. And if that wasn’t enough, she also grabbed herself an MBA from Alabama’s Manderson School of Business, as mentioned on her LinkedIn profile.

Back in her University of Alabama days, Bry was part of a cool group called Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., a Greek system. While Jalen Hurts shines in the NFL, Bry Burrows is a star in her own right. She’s an overachiever and outperformer in both school and the business world.

As she was working on her MBA, Bry took on some big roles. She became the vice president of her MBA association in 2018. But that’s not all – she was also the captain of her university’s MBA Case Team. According to her LinkedIn, being the captain was one of the coolest moments of grad school for her.

Bry Burrows loves cocktails and frequent outings

Bry Burrows’ Height and Age

It’s fascinating that both Bry Burrows and Jalen Hurts are passionate about giving back! Bry Burrows is really into helping young people start their careers in the tech industry. She’s been a coach in IBM’s 8-week Accelerate program and has taken part in the Manderson Women in Business talk and the 2021 Diversity & Inclusion panel. Jalen Hurts, the star quarterback, is big on charity. He’s worked with foundations like the Lemonade Stand Foundation and the KB Foundation to make a difference.

Jalen hurts girlfriend

Get ready for some football madness! The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles are battling it out in the 2023 Super Bowl, and all eyes are on the Eagles’ quarterback, Jalen Hurts.

This 24-year-old Houston hero has led the Eagles to an awesome 16-3 season, bringing them back to the Super Bowl since their last win in 2017. But it’s not just his on-field moves that have everyone buzzing. Jalen and his low-key girlfriend, Bryonna “Bry” Rivera Burrows, made a rare appearance after the NFC Championship game, sparking internet curiosity.

The lovebirds are pretty private, but here’s the scoop: They likely met at the University of Alabama around 2015, started dating in 2016, and have been together on and off since. Jalen, the former Alabama quarterback, graduated in 2018, and Bry got her bachelor’s and MBA from Alabama while Jalen was at Oklahoma.

Fast forward to Jalen getting drafted by the Eagles in 2020, Bry moved to Texas and works at IBM in Artificial Intelligence. Jalen often chills at his family’s place in Houston during the off-season, just a hop away from Bry’s spot.

These two like to keep things low-key. Jalen’s all about football and charity on social media, and Bry’s Instagram is on lockdown. It wasn’t until the recent NFC Championship win that fans got the official confirmation of their relationship. They strolled hand-in-hand across the field, making it clear that Jalen has a special cheerleader in Bry.

Jalen, breaking stereotypes with an all-female management team in pro football, gives props to strong women, and it’s evident that Bry is part of that powerhouse. As the Eagles gear up for Super Bowl LVII in Arizona, you can bet Bry will be there, cheering on her man. Let the game begin! 🏈✨

Bry Burrows’ Height and Age

Bry Burrows stands tall at around 5 feet 6 inches or maybe 5 feet 7 inches – that’s like reaching for the stars! And guess what? She’s 26 years old, hitting that age milestone in November 2023. So, whether she’s navigating boardrooms or cheering on the sidelines, she’s doing it with style and a touch of height! 🌟👠

Bry Burrows Profession

Right now, Bry Burrows is rocking it as an Artificial Intelligence partner at IBM. She’s been with the IBM crew for more than four years, and let me tell you, she’s worn many hats there. Before diving into the AI world, she flexed her skills as a senior solutions sales specialist, a Financial Sales Executive, and even took charge as a Software Financing Leader. Bry’s the definition of climbing the career ladder with flair! 👩‍💼🚀

Bry Burrows Parents

Bry Burrows is like a mystery master – she’s kept her personal life locked away from the public spotlight. It’s like a secret garden; we don’t have any clues about her parents or siblings. Bry’s all about business in the public eye, and her private life stays behind the scenes. Talk about keeping the mystery alive! 🕵️‍♀️🔒

Bry Burrows Social Media

Guess what? Bry Burrows isn’t exactly a social media guru, but she does have an Instagram account, and it’s like finding a hidden treasure. You can catch her at @brys.ig, but here’s the catch – it’s a private party with zero posts. Even though she’s in the spotlight as Jalen Hurts’ girlfriend, her following is just shy of 1k people. She’s keeping things low-key in the online world! 🤐📸

Bry Burrows and Jalen Hurts Dating Period

Here’s the scoop: Bry Burrows and Jalen Hurts might have kicked off their love story back in their University of Alabama days, but they kept it hush-hush. The real surprise came after the Eagles snagged the NFC Championship win against the San Francisco 49ers in 2023 – that’s when they decided to step into the spotlight together.

Now, hold on to your hats because there were rumors floating around about them going separate ways in the past. Yep, breakup whispers. But guess what? Love brought them back together, and now they’re rocking it side by side. It’s like a real-life romance rollercoaster, and they’re still standing strong! 💑🎢

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