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Aidan O’Connell wife, parents, siblings, age and more

Who is Aidan O’Connell wife? Aidan O’Connell, the quarterback for the Purdue Boilermakers, recently became a member of the married athletes club. On July 30, 2022, the football player and his longtime girlfriend tied the knot in Spencer. Football fans are eager to learn everything they can about Aidan O’Connell’s wife, Jael Johnson O’Connell, as it’s game day. So, we delve deeply into Jael O’Connell’s past in this wiki.

Aidan O’Connell wife, age, family, siblings, height, net worth, and other topics are covered in this article.

Who Is Aidan O’Connell Wife, Jael O’Connell?

The former Jael Johnson was undoubtedly one of Aidan O’Connell’s biggest supporters during his athletic career. They met and dated while he was a college student at Purdue. However, she was a very skilled athlete on her own.

The couple’s wedding registry states that they were introduced by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Purdue. It seems reasonable to argue that the Purdue athletic department had more expectations for Jael when she arrived than they did for her future husband.

Jael joined the Boilermakers women’s volleyball team after having an excellent athletic career at Indiana’s Avon High School. In addition to several other honors, she was named the 2018 Gatorade Indiana Player of the Year for her achievements. She would quickly establish herself as a major player at the next level.

As a freshman in 2018 and again as a sophomore in 2019, she was a consistent player for Purdue. In both campaigns, she scored more than 40 kills and 50 blocks. But in the following two campaigns, she really upped her game, recording a total of 343 kills and 187 blocks in 2020 and 2021.

Over her Boilermakers career, the 6-foot-2 middle blocker showed that she was more than just a formidable player on the court. Her efforts in the classroom were recognized in 2021 when she was named Academic All-Big Ten. According to her LinkedIn page, Jael is currently pursuing a master’s degree in human resource management after completing her bachelor’s degree in speech, language, and hearing sciences.

It’s clear where Aidan gets (somewhat) of his spirit of competition. To stay up with his wife, he needs to be a standout player on the football field. Jael has so many accomplishments, both in and outside of the sports world, that most people would blush. However, they are more likely to arouse sentiments of pride, inspiration, and motivation for both parties involved in this partnership.

Aidan O’Connell Parents 

Bryan O’Connell is Aidan O’Connell’s father, and Karen O’Connell is his mother. Prior to the team’s victory over Indiana on Saturday, Aidan made known the news of his older brother Sean’s passing.

In a statement, he stated:

In a statement that Purdue Football posted on Twitter, O’Connell said, “My family and I would like to express our gratitude and support we have received over the past few days.” “We are incredibly sorry to announce my oldest brother Sean’s passing.

Jael O’Connell’s Family

On June 4, 1999, in Mooresville, Indiana, Lisa and Steve Johnson welcomed Jael O’Connell (née Johnson),Aidan O’Connell wife into the world. Of the three children, she is the youngest. Jared Johnson and Jacob Johnson are her brothers.

Jacob, the middle child of the Johnson family, is wed to Danielle Johnson. In addition to co-founding Cratero Capital, he is the founder and CEO of Glitch Energy. Jared, their oldest son, coordinates run games and teaches math at Avon High School in Indiana.

Jael O’Connell’s Career and education

Jael O’Connell, Aidan O’Connell wife, attended Avon High School until 2018. She then graduated from Purdue University’s College of Health and Human Sciences in May 2022 with a BS in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences.

She participated in the Purdue volleyball team during her time there and worked as an undergraduate researcher for the Huber Motor Speech Lab. She belongs to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes as well.

Jael O’Connell, Aidan O’Connell wife received recognition as a 2019 Fab 50 honoree and on the 2017 Under Amour All-America Watch List. In high school, she was named the team’s Most Valuable Player, won two Mental Attitude Awards, and was recognized as the 2018 Indiana Volleyball Player of the Year.

The former volleyball player won Big Ten Player of the Week and was selected for Academic All-Big Ten in her junior year.

Jael O’Connell is presently pursuing her master’s degree at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management. Her dream job would be in geriatrics.

Jael O’Connell and Aidan O’Connell’s Relationship

In 2018, Aidan O’Connell attended the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at Purdue University and met his future wife. The group gets together once a week to study and talk about the Bible with the Christian athletes at Purdue. At the time, he was a sophomore and she a freshman.

After spending some time together in social situations and on sporadic outings for ice cream, the couple decided to go on a date. Their relationship had started as friends. When the couple was an athlete and a student, their schedules frequently conflicted. Despite having busy schedules, they always made time to go to each other’s matches.

In March 2022, after the young athletes had been dating for four years, he made the unexpected and romantic decision to pop the question. With the assistance of Jael’s mother and aunt, the football player organized a fictitious celebration for his girlfriend’s cousin at her grandmother’s home.

When O’Connell asked his then-girlfriend to marry him in 2022 and she accepted, he posted about her for the first time. On July 30, 2022, the couple tied the knot in Spencer, Indiana. The quarterback is now keen to strike a balance between his marriage and football career. Even the honeymoon has been delayed until after the football season by him.

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