Chad Gable wife Kristi Betts

Meet Chad Gable wife Kristi Betts

The world is familiar with Kristi Betts, the stunning spouse of WWE superstar Chad Gable. The husband of Kristi Betts, Chad Gable, is an American professional wrestler currently contracted to the WWE. He goes by the ring name Shorty G when performing on the SmackDown roster.

He is presently contracted with Monday Night RAW, where he leads the Alpha Academy with Otis. Charles Edwards Betts, better known by his real name Gable, was born in Saint Michael, Minnesota, on March 8, 1986.

Gable had a notable career in amateur wrestling prior to entering the professional ranks. In 2004 he won the state championship for high school in Minnesota. He would later go on to compete for the United States in the Summer Olympics in 2012. He signed a contract with WWE the following year and made his professional wrestling debut. In 2015, Gable began working out at the WWE Performance Center and made his NXT debut.

He and Jason Jordan established a tag team, and they worked together for a considerable amount of time before being selected for SmackDown in 2016. They won over Luke Harper and Randy Orton as American Alpha to take the title of SmackDown Tag Team Champions. Gable has partnered with players like Shelton Benjamin, Otis, and Bobby Roode since his relationship with Jordan. Together with the latter two stars, he also took home the RAW Tag Team Championship.

One of the most gifted wrestlers in the WWE, Chad Gable has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years. Fans’ curiosity about his personal life is growing with each passing day. In this article we will have a closer look at the life of Chad Gable wife Kristi Betts.

Who is Kristi Betts?

Chad Gable is wed to Kristi Betts, a longtime friend. Before getting married in 2011, the couple dated for roughly nine years, having first started dating back in 2002. On June 19, 2011, Chad Gable and Kristi Betts tied the knot. Together, the two are parents to three children: a son and two daughters.

Gable disclosed that his son, who refers to amateur wrestling as “pro wrestling without the fireworks,” also aspires to be a professional wrestler. However, Gable has made the decision not to sway his kids’ choices and to encourage them in all of their endeavors.

Kristi and Gable have kept their private lives hidden from the public. Nonetheless, the couple made a rare public appearance when they attended the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in Brooklyn, New York, together.

Quick facts about Kristi Betts

Full Name:
Kristi Betts
Marital Status:
Chad Betts
Eye Color
Light Brown
Hair Color
Two ( Clay and Meadow)

Kristi Betts age

Kristi Oliver / Kristi Betts was born on August 30, 1990, according to a number of sources. She is 33 years old as a result. At twelve, she made the acquaintance of Chad Gable. When Kristi was twenty years old, the two tied the knot, and they have been happily married ever since.

Kristi Betts early life

Kristi Betts is a woman of 34 years old. She is an American actress who became well-known after getting married to Chad Betts, a WWE wrestler. Consequently, details regarding her early years and family are not available. On the other hand, Chad Betts was born in Saint Michael, Minnesota, on March 8, 1986. He graduated from Northern Michigan University with a bachelor’s degree.

Kristi’s family is unknown, but it is known that she was raised in her hometown and went to school there with her siblings. Kristi was raised in a middle-class household as well.

Career and professional life

Although Kristi’s professional background is unknown, her husband is well-known for his accomplishments. Since his time in college, Chad has wrestled. Still, in November of 2013, he decided to make a career out of it. He trained at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, after signing with the professional wrestling promotion WWE.

Less than a year later, on September 5, 2014, he made his in-ring debut at an NXT house show in Cocoa Beach, Florida. After that, he made his television debut on January 8, 2015. May 2015 saw Gable reach out to Jason Jorden in an attempt to form a new partnership. Together, they won their first-ever match on the July 15 NXT show.

The NXT Tag Team Championship was eventually won by the pair. Following the 2016 WWE draft, American Alpha became the first tag team to be selected first overall under the SmackDown brand. In August, they won their first-ever SmackDown match against The Vaudevillains. Gable engaged in and prevailed in numerous fights with Jorden under the SmackDown banner. But in July 2017, Gable decided to go it alone, declaring that he wanted to compete with the best.

A tag team consisting of Gable and Shelton Benjamin was formed on the August 22 SmackDown Live episode. They defeated the Ascension the week after making their team debut. After about a year, the two stayed together until Gable announced on April 16 that he was joining Raw as part of the 2018 WWE Superstar Shake-Up.

Before joining Bobby Roode to form a tag team, Gable participated in a few singles matches in the interim. The two took home the Raw Tag Team Championships. Up until the 2019 Superstar Shakeup, Roode and Gable were heels in the professional wrestling game. Since the break, Gable has made a comeback to SmackDown singles action. Gable was one of sixteen contestants who lost in the King of the Ring finals. After being chosen for the 2019 SmackDown brand, he went by Shorty G.

Kristi Betts net worth

Although Kristi is a typical housewife, her husband is a well-known professional wrestler in the modern world. 2015 saw Gable receive the Rookie of the Year Award from Wrestling Observer Newsletter. In addition, he is the second person to win the NXT Tag Team, Raw Tag Team, and SmackDown Tag Team titles in the history of the WWE, behind only Jason Jordan. This proves that Gable is among the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Even though Kristi’s exact income is unknown, her life is obviously lavish due to her husband’s wealth. He makes a good living from his professional wrestling career. As of 2019, sources claim that his yearly salary is $200,000. Furthermore, the combined net worth of Kristi and her husband, a wrestler, is almost $1.5 million.


Who is Kristi Betts, and how did she meet Chad Gable?

Kristi Betts is the wife of professional wrestler Chad Gable. They met through mutual friends in the wrestling industry and started dating before eventually tying the knot.

When did Chad Gable and Kristi Betts get married?

had Gable and Kristi Betts got married on June19, 2011. They often share glimpses of their married life on social media.

Are there any social media accounts where we can follow Kristi Betts?

Kristi isn’t really active on social media but her husband is active on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He now has over 266.5k Twitter followers @WWEGable, over 137k Facebook followers @wwechadgable, and over 343k Instagram followers @wwegable.

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