Desmond Howard wife Rebkah Howard

Desmond Howard wife Rebkah Howard

Who is Rebkah Howard? Desmond Howard is widely known for his skill, charm, and accomplishments in the football world. But every successful man has an equally amazing woman behind him. For Desmond, that woman is none other than Rebkah Howard, his adored wife. Let’s explore this dynamic couple’s fascinating life journey and love story.

Who is Rebkah Howard?

Rebkah Howard is a popular licensed attorney with expertise in public relations, marketing, and event management. It appears that she has worked in that field for more than fifteen years. Moreover, she is independent of her spouse’s profession, in contrast to numerous other NFL spouses. In addition, she oversees The Tamika Huston Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps the families and loved ones of the missing.

Rebkah Howard is happily married to Desmond Howard. They tied the knot on May 31, 2003. Together, they are the proud parents of three children – Sydney Howard, Dhamir Howard, and Desmond Howard Jr.

Rebkah Howard husband, Desmond Howard

Desmond American former professional football player for the National Football League (NFL) Kevin Howard was born on May 15, 1970. Howard played wide receiver but was best known as a return specialist. He currently works for ESPN as a college football analyst.

Taurus is Desmond’s birth sign, and he is currently 51 years old. In addition, he is of African American ethnicity and holds American nationality.His mother Hattie Howard and father J.D. Howard welcomed him into the world. His mother owned a daycare center, and his father played basketball at the formal, semi-professional level. Regarding his academic background, Desmond Howard attended Cleveland, Ohio’s St. Joseph High School.

He played football, basketball, and track in high school. He afterwards studied at the University of Michigan, where he graduated in 1992 with a degree in communications. He was a football player for his college teams as well.

Quick facts

Birth Name
Rebkah Howard
Birth Date
16 August 1972
Washington D.C.
Zodiac Sign
5 feet 3 inches
Not disclosed
Not disclosed
Desmond Howard
Sydney, Dhamir, and Desmond Jr.
Net Worth
$300 Thousand

Rebkah Howard biography

The 16th of August, 1972, Rebkah Howard was born in Washington, D.C. She is All-American when discussing her ancestry. She has refrained from speaking to the media about her parents, family, or her early years because she wants to keep her personal affairs private and out of the spotlight. As a result, at this time, there is no such information available about her family or early years.

Regarding her educational background, she studied radio, television, and film as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland, College Park. She also attended the Washington, DC-based Howard University School of Law to obtain her Juris Doctor degree.

Rebkah Howard early life, career

Speaking of her professional background, she is a co-owner of the South Florida-based public relations company ImagePro LLC. This full-service company is run by women and specializes in public affairs, special events, and media relations.

Moreover, she also works for The Tamika Huston Foundation as the executive director. The foundation uses resources like media outreach, webpage development, and the provision of useful information about building a positive rapport with law enforcement to assist in the search for missing family members.

Moreover, it also facilitates effective advocacy for the missing. In a similar vein, she served as Luke Enterprise’s general manager from 2002 to 2003. In addition, from 2003 to 2005, she worked for Gordon Reyes & Co. as a Senior Account Executive.

Achievements and Awards

A source of inspiration, Rebkah Howard is honored for her many honors and remarkable accomplishments. She has demonstrated a strong commitment to community development and has been recognized for her outstanding leadership and significant contributions by receiving the prestigious Community Leadership Award. Rebkah has been named Philanthropist of the Year for her charitable endeavors, which is a testament to her unwavering dedication to causes that empower and uplift those in need.

The Educational Advocacy Honor, a distinction that recognizes her unwavering efforts to advance learning opportunities and awareness, highlights her outstanding advocacy for education. Beyond honors, Rebkah’s kindness is evident as she was awarded the Humanitarian Achievement Award, which recognizes her significant contributions to tackling social issues and aiding underprivileged communities.

She proudly wears the title of Family Woman of the Year, embracing the role of a family-centric leader and personifying the virtues of love, support, and unity. Rebkah’s dedication to sustainable practices is highlighted by honors like the Environmental Stewardship Award, which further validates her holistic way of living. Her impact on cultural appreciation is demonstrated by the Cultural Appreciation Recognition, which honors her work promoting harmony and understanding amongst various communities.

A balanced and healthy lifestyle is promoted by this amazing woman, who has also been recognized as a champion for health and wellness, receiving the title of Health and Wellness Advocate. Rebkah is a shining example of excellence in both business and the arts, having won awards like Excellence in Business and Arts and Culture Patron.

All of these honors combine to depict Rebkah Howard as a force to be determined with, influencing a multitude of fields and motivating others to follow in her influential footsteps.

Body Measurement: age, height, weight

Rebkah was born on 16 August 1972 in Washington D.C. therefore as of 2023 she is 51 years old. She is of white ethnicity and is an American national.

Rebkah has a decent height of 5 feet 3 inches. She has brown hair and eyes.

Rebkah Howard net worth

When it comes to her earnings and wealth, she makes over $250,000 a year from her career. She also makes an estimated $499,999 from her career, contributing to her estimated net worth.

Rumors regarding Rebkah

She has avoided the media and kept the majority of her personal information private. She is also handling her personal and professional lives so well that she has avoided any controversy.

But there were a lot of unfounded rumors floating around regarding her divorce from her husband.

Rebkah Howard social media

She uses social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. She has over 8.2K Twitter followers and 415 Instagram followers.


Q1. How did Desmond and Rebkah meet?

It was by chance that Desmond and Rebkah’s paths crossed, and this led to the beginning of a deep romantic relationship.

Q2. What challenges have they faced in their marriage?

Like any couple, Desmond and Rebkah have had difficulties along the way, but their determination and commitment have helped them get past setbacks and come out stronger.

Q3. How does Rebkah handle rumors and controversies surrounding her personal life?

Rebkah Howard handles gossip and disputes with dignity and tenacity, protecting her family’s privacy first and responding in a dignified manner.

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