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Ed Orgeron girlfriend Bailie Lauderdale

Coach Ed Orgeron is a US football player. His most recent position was Louisiana State University’s (LSU) head football coach. From the middle of the 2016 season until the end of the 2021 season, he held this position. The fact that Orgeron guided the LSU Tigers football team to a national championship in 2019 and defeated Clemson in the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship is one of his accomplishments. As of right now, he is seeing Bailie, his new girlfriend. Learn everything there is to know about Bailie Lauderdale, the girlfriend of Ed Orgeron and Ed Orgeron including their age, height, wiki, bio, ethnicity, kids, Instagram, net worth, and love story.

Who is Ed Orgeron girlfriend

Ed Orgeron’s girlfriend, Bailie, is a Hammond, Louisiana-based fashion model and businesswoman. Regretfully, there’s not much information out there regarding her line of work. Bailie had no prior fame, but after revealing her relationship with renowned LSU coach Ed Orgeron, she began to attract notice. The couple appears content in their relationship despite their age difference.

Who is Ed Orgeron?

American football coach Ed Orgeron was born on July 27, 1961, and has a long history of being passionate, tenacious, and attached to the game. Orgeron is well-known for his unique teaching methods, recognizable Louisiana accent, and extraordinary capacity to uplift and encourage his team members.

Ed Orgeron’s football career started when he was a defensive lineman at Northwestern State University in his college years. He didn’t have a particularly successful playing career, but he demonstrated a deep grasp of the game, which paved the way for his success as a coach later on.

With his first significant position as an assistant coach at the University of Arkansas, Orgeron’s coaching career took off in the latter part of the 1980s. After that, he worked at a number of colleges, including Tennessee, Miami, and Syracuse. But he was most well-known for his work at the University of Southern California (USC). Orgeron had a lasting impact on the USC football program while he was the defensive line coach and then the interim head coach.

Quick facts

Ed Orgeron
Real Name
Edward James Orgeron Jr.
American football coach
Date of Birth

July 27, 1961
62 years old
Larose, LA
6 feet 2 inches (188 cm)
95 kg (209 lbs)
Bailie Lauderdale

Ed Orgeron Age

Ed Orgeron, who was born in Larose, Louisiana, on July 27, 1961, is currently 62 years old and exudes the energy and enthusiasm that come with maturity and experience. Even at 62 years old, Orgeron is still well-known in the American football community. His journey from Larose, a small Louisiana town, to becoming a well-known coach is an encouraging example of tenacity and fortitude.

Orgeron leaves a lasting legacy in the football community that only gets bigger every year. He is still a source of inspiration and hope for coaches and aspiring athletes alike. Fans and athletes alike will never forget his captivating Louisiana drawl, intense coaching style, and unwavering dedication to the game.

Ed Orgeron’s Height and Weight

The well-known American football coach Ed Orgeron is quite strong built. He is a healthy 95 kilograms, or 209 pounds, in weight and is 6 feet 2 inches (188 centimeters) tall. His imposing stature is a result of his height and weight combination, which also probably helped him during his football career.

Orgeron’s physical attributes complement his coaching philosophy, which places a strong emphasis on fortitude, resiliency, and dominance on the field. Having played college football himself, his thick build is evidence of his passion for the game.

Ed Orgeron’s Nationality

American football coach Ed Orgeron is renowned for both his unique teaching approach and constant enthusiasm for the game. As implied by his name, he is an American national. Orgeron, who was born on July 27, 1961, in Larose, Louisiana, is a product of the illustrious American football culture. He was raised in America and has been steeped in the nation’s football traditions, both as a player and as a successful coach at multiple colleges and NFL teams.

Orgeron has a distinctive coaching style that is further influenced by his Cajun upbringing, which is ingrained in Louisianan culture. His Louisianan background plays a big role in who he is and gives his coaching style a unique taste.Ultimately, though, he is an American who has made a lasting impact on the American football scene.

Ed Orgeron’s Career

Early Coaching Positions (1986–2004): Ed started his coaching career in 1986 at Northwestern State University as a graduate assistant. Subsequently, he developed his abilities as a defensive line specialist and recruiter while serving as an assistant coach at a number of universities, including Syracuse University, the University of Miami, the University of Arkansas, and the University of Tennessee.

University of Southern California (USC) (1998–2004): In 1998, Orgeron became a member of the USC coaching staff and, in his role as defensive line coach, had an immediate impact. He kept honing his coaching skills and was a member of the squad that took home two national titles in 2003 and 2004.

University of Mississippi (2005–2007): Orgeron was appointed head coach of the football team at the University of Mississippi in 2005. He put a lot of effort into rebuilding the program during his time there, earning a reputation for his perseverance and vigorous recruiting efforts.

2013: Orgeron was the USC Trojans’ temporary head coach for a brief period of time. In this capacity, he led the team to a respectable 6-2 record.

Louisiana State University (LSU) (2015–2016): Orgeron returned to his native Louisiana to take a position as defensive line coach with the LSU Tigers following his departure from USC. In 2016, he was elevated to head coach as a result of his contribution to the team’s success.

Head Coach at LSU (2016–2021): Orgeron accomplished his professional zenith in his role as head coach of the LSU Tigers. As one of the best college football coaches, he received widespread recognition in 2019 after leading the team to a National Championship victory.

Overall Collegiate Coaching Record: Orgeron has a 61-41 record as a collegiate head coach. He also had a 6-2 record at USC in 2013 while serving as an interim head coach. His career record as a whole is 67-47, which represents the culmination of his experiences in a range of coaching roles and settings.

Ed Orgeron Achievement and Awards


  • 2019 Paul “Bear” Bryant Coach of the Year Award
  • 2019 AP College Football Coach of the Year Award
  • 2019 Home Depot Coach of the Year Award
  • 2019 Allstate Sugar Bowl Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year
  • 2019 Werner Ladder AFCA FBS Coach Of

Notable Achievements:

  • Under Orgeron’s leadership, LSU produced 12 first-team All-Americas.
  • Under Orgeron’s guidance, LSU had four national award winners.
  • Orgeron’s coaching contributed to 39 LSU players being selected in the NFL Draft.

Coach O And Bailie Lauderdale Have an Age Gap Of 31 Years

As of right now, Bailie is 31 years old. She was born in 1992. Ed was born on July 27, 1961, and is currently 62 years old. There is a 31-year age difference between the pair.

In 2020, Coach O and his partner Bailie Lauderdale started dating. In October of that year, Ed shared a photo of himself with Bailie. In the end, it received a lot of negative feedback. Because Lauderdale appeared significantly younger than him, people expressed concern about the age gap between them. The couple was seen taking a selfie in bed in the first photo. In the picture, Ed and Bailie were both smiling and content. Orgeron shared a picture of them by the pool on social media the second time. The pair was spotted having fun by the swimming area.

On February 11, 2022, Bailie was Orgeron’s date to the Ladylike Foundation Bowling Classic. They strolled along the red carpet at LA Live’s Lucky Strike. At the Academy LA Big Game Kick-Off Event, which was hosted by Jay Glazer, Merging Vets, and Players, the couple also took a walk together. The event took place on February 9, 2022, in Los Angeles, California.

On September 30, 2022, the couple went to see the Houston Cougars play the Tulane Green Wave in the American Athletic Conference in Houston, Texas. During the game, Ed even greeted a few of his fans.

Following the announcement of Ed and Kelly’s divorce, which lasted for 23 years, the relationship between Bailie and Ed became public.


What is Ed Orgeron’s coaching background before LSU?

Ed Orgeron started as a graduate assistant at Northwestern State University and progressed through coaching roles before becoming a head coach.

Who is Ed Orgeron’s ex wife?

Colleen Orgeron was his first wife, whom he divorced in 1994.

How has Ed Orgeron influenced the broader football community?

Orgeron’s coaching tree includes successful coaches who have adopted his strategies, contributing to the broader landscape of college football.

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