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Meet Jalen Milroe, the rising star in college football! At just 20 years old, he’s already making waves as the quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide, one of the coolest teams in NCAA football.

Born on December 13, 2002, in Katy, Texas, Jalen comes from a military family. Both his parents, Quentin and Lola Milroe, served in the US military. His dad, a Marine, even fought in Iraq, while his mom was in the Navy. So, you can say Jalen grew up in a home where discipline and support were the MVPs. The values of hard work, respect, and patriotism were like his playbook for life.

Jalen kicked off his journey at Obra D. Tompkins High School in Katy, where he was a rockstar both in class and on the field. As a four-star recruit and the top dual-threat quarterback in Texas, he led his high school team to the state semifinals in junior year. Picture this: 2,689 passing yards, 29 touchdowns, 378 rushing yards, and eight more touchdowns. Senior year wasn’t too shabby either, with 1,136 passing yards, 13 touchdowns through the air, and 231 rushing yards with four touchdowns.

But it’s not just about the stats; it’s about the person. Jalen is not just a football prodigy; he’s a young man with a heart of gold and a future as bright as the stadium lights. Keep your eyes on this one – he’s not just a player; he’s the game-changer.

Jalen Milroe Bibolography 

NameJalen Milroe
Birth dateDecember 13, 2002
BirthplaceKaty, Texas, USA
High schoolObra D. Tompkins (Katy, Texas)
Bowl games2021 Cotton Bowl Classic, 2022 CFP National Championship, 2022 Sugar Bowl
Social LinksInstagram- @milticketfour/
Wikipedia- @Jalen_Milroe
Twitter- @JalenMilroe
Homepage- Celebsworlds

Who are Jalen Milroe’s Parents?

Meet Jalen’s awesome parents, Quentin and Lola Milroe! They’re the cool team who moved to Katy, Texas, in 2005 when Jalen was just a tiny 3-year-old. Together, they decided to make Katy their home sweet home and raise their three kiddos there.

Now, here’s the cool part – Quentin and Lola are veterans with a military background. They’ve been through a lot, but for security reasons, they’ve kept their military stories hush-hush. Even though they like to keep their lives low-key, you might catch them celebrating in public or sharing bits about Jalen’s personality in interviews with some media folks.

In one chat with WVTM13, Jalen’s dad spilled the beans: “Jalen was only about 3 years old, but his eyes lit up when he saw Vince Young play for the Longhorns. When Jalen watched Vince Young and the Horns win a national championship in January of 2006, he was hooked.” Quentin couldn’t help but add, “How do you say ‘no’ to the GOAT?” That’s the Greatest of All Time, in case you’re wondering. Cool, right? It’s like Jalen’s football destiny was written in the stars since he was a little tot!

Jalen Milroe’s Ethnicity

The Milroe family is proudly Afro-American and calls the United States home sweet home. Lola and Quentin, the cool parents, often share about the big role that God and faith play in their lives. Following in this awesome tradition, Jalen Milroe had a major life moment in 2022 – he decided to hit the reset button on his beliefs and became a born-again Christian.

Yep, he took the plunge and got baptized, embracing his faith in Christ. It’s not just touchdowns and victories that matter to Jalen; there’s a deep connection to something bigger, and that’s what makes him not just a star on the field but a star in his faith journey too. Talk about a touchdown in life!

Jalen Milroe’s College Career and Stats

Let’s dive into Jalen Milroe’s journey at the University of Alabama, where he joined the quarterback squad in January 2021. Picture this: he’s in a lineup with big names like Bryce Young, Paul Tyson, and Braxton Barker. Jalen didn’t back down; he jumped into the competition for the backup spot behind Bryce Young, the Heisman Trophy favorite and the main man on the field.

Surprisingly, Jalen’s hard work, killer attitude, and undeniable talent stood out. Coach Nick Saban couldn’t stop praising Jalen for his maturity and cool composure.

Fast forward to September 11, 2021 – Jalen’s college debut against Mercer. He threw two passes for 14 yards and scored a touchdown. Oh, and he dashed for 16 yards on four runs. Not bad for a first-timer! Jalen played in four games that freshman season, throwing three passes for 41 yards and another touchdown, plus 57 rushing yards on 15 carries.

Now, onto the sophomore season. Jalen wasn’t just part of the team; he became a fan favorite. In 10 games, he completed an impressive 68 out of 92 passes for 1,024 yards and an amazing 12 touchdowns, with just one interception. And that’s not all – he tore up the field with 369 rushing yards and six touchdowns on 54 carries, averaging 6.8 yards per carry.

Remember Mississippi State? Jalen ran for 69 yards and two touchdowns and threw like a pro. Against Tennessee, he threw for 202 yards and three touchdowns while adding 28 yards on the ground. Then came the Iron Bowl against Auburn, where he led a jaw-dropping comeback with 176 passing yards, two passing touchdowns, and a rushing touchdown.

Jalen’s season was epic, with a super-high passer rating of 178.9, second only to Young nationwide. He rocked the SEC rankings, finishing fourth in rushing touchdowns and fifth in yards per carry. Alabama snagged the SEC championship, making it to the College Football Playoff for the seventh time in eight years. Jalen Milroe wasn’t just playing; he was rewriting the script of college football stardom. Touchdown, indeed!

Jalen Milroe and Hannah Rimkus Dating Life

Get ready for the heartwarming tale of Jalen Milroe and Hannah Rimkus – the power couple who found love on the University of Alabama turf. These two have been going strong for over a year, and their story is as sweet as a touchdown.

Hannah Rimkus, a 2023 graduate with a degree in communication studies, is not just a brainiac but also a social media whiz, managing the online game for a marketing agency. She’s not just about the keyboard; she’s a fitness guru and a dog lover, proudly flaunting her golden retriever, Cooper.

Jalen and Hannah’s love story kicked off in their freshman year at Alabama, and it was an instant connection. They’re not just partners in love; they’re teammates in life. Their shared faith, passion for sports, and big dreams make them the ultimate power duo. When they’re not acing their game, you’ll find them jet-setting, catching movies, or having a blast with friends.

Here’s the twist – they’re not the flashy type on social media, but the occasional sweet posts have earned them a dedicated fan base. Fans can’t help but adore their chemistry, nicknaming them “Jannah” – a match made in Crimson Tide heaven.

Now, let’s talk real life. Long-distance? Check. Pressure? Double-check. Rumors? Triple-check. But guess what? Jalen and Hannah faced it all head-on with trust, respect, and a whole lot of communication. They’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders, supporting goals and dreams without stepping on any privacy toes.

As for the future, it’s a bit of a mystery. No engagement ring announcements yet, but they’ve dropped hints that this love story is heading for the big leagues. Family plans? Oh, yes! They’ve got stars in their eyes dreaming of a family someday. In the game of love, Jalen Milroe and Hannah Rimkus are scoring touchdowns, and their fans can’t get enough. Stay tuned for the next chapter of this love-filled playbook!

Net Worth

YearNet Worth

The Jalen Milore 

In the realm of college football, there’s a rising star named Jalen Milroe, the Alabama Crimson Tide’s standout quarterback. Beyond his stellar plays on the field, Jalen is carving out a legendary path with a background as extraordinary as his game.

Jalen isn’t just a promising player; he’s a potential NFL powerhouse, dazzling fans with his talent and setting the stage for a future in football greatness. Yet, what truly defines him is not just his athletic prowess but the remarkable person he is – humble, respectful, and deeply faithful.

As Jalen leads the team, he’s not just crafting victories; he’s becoming a beacon of inspiration. A role model for countless young admirers, Jalen is more than a quarterback; he’s a symbol of hard work, integrity, and the embodiment of the dream many aspire to achieve.

In the grand tapestry of football, Jalen Milroe isn’t merely a name etched on a roster; he’s the embodiment of a legendary journey in the making. With every throw, every touchdown, he’s not just playing the game; he’s scripting a narrative that will echo in the annals of football lore. Jalen Milroe isn’t just a quarterback; he’s the future icon of the game.


Jalen Milroe’s story, from his roots in Katy, Texas, to becoming the dynamic quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide, unfolds as a tale of resilience, passion, and undeniable talent. Growing up in a disciplined military family, his journey through high school and college football positions Jalen not just as a player but as an inspiration for aspiring athletes.

His time at the University of Alabama reflects dedication and success, each game contributing to a legacy beyond mere statistics. In his sophomore season, Jalen showcased not only athletic prowess but also leadership skills, earning recognition as a standout player in the SEC.

Beyond the field, Jalen’s personal life adds depth to his narrative. His commitment to faith and relationship with Hannah Rimkus showcase the values shaping him. Their journey, marked by trust and occasional social media sweetness, endears them to fans as “Jannah.”

As Jalen’s net worth grows, mirroring the trajectory of a young athlete poised for a bright future, speculation surrounds his potential in the NFL. Engagement hints and dreams of family underscore the human side of this sports figure, making Jalen Milroe not just a quarterback but a relatable and admired individual.

In conclusion, Jalen Milroe’s story is unfolding, promising more touchdowns, victories, and potential triumphs off the field. He stands as a beacon of inspiration, embodying the pursuit of greatness with humility, dedication, and unwavering faith. As the next chapters unfold, Jalen Milroe remains a name to watch, symbolizing the evolving narrative in the world of college football.

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