Jerry Jones Wife

Jerry Jones wife

Who is Jerry Jones wife? Since 1989, Jerry Jones has served as the Dallas Cowboys’ owner, president, and general manager. In the 1992, 1993, and 1995 NFL seasons, he and his college buddy Jimmy Johnson won three Super Bowls, instantly elevating the franchise to a legendary status.

Jones is frequently in the news because he owns the most valuable sports franchises in the world. Since their time together at the University of Arkansas, Jones’s wife, Eugenia (Gene) Jones, has been by his side and is also well-known in North Texas.

Who is Jerry Jones Wife? 

Jerry Jones is a husband and father. Eugenia Jones was the woman he married. His spouse is an American model and businesswoman. They got married in 1963.

The couple’s mutual friends arranged for them to meet in advance. Jerry Jones wife was a first-year college student when he served as the football commander. They began dating, and three years into their relationship, they tied the knot.

Their three children are Stephen and Jerry Jones Jr., two sons, and Charlotte Jones, their daughter.

Quick facts about Jerry Jones wife

Birth name
Eugenia Chambers Jones
Date of birth
United States
Marital status
Jerry Jones
Charlotte Jones
Jerry Jones Jr, and Stephen

Jerry Jones wife age, biography

In the United States, Eugenia Jones, Jerry Jones wife was born in 1944. She was a model in Arkansas, USA. Jerry Jones Wife age is 78 years.

Her nickname among close friends and family is Gene. She enjoys participating in social groups and charitable endeavors, and she is respected for being Jerry Jones’s wife.The well-known American spouse of Dallas Cowboys owner and sports billionaire Jerry Jones is Eugenia Jones.

When Jerry was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017, he attributed the success of the team more to his family, the Cowboys players, and the supporters. When he was the University of Arkansas football captain, the couple got to know each other on campus. They became a beautiful family in 1963 and have remained together ever since.

After more than 50 years of marriage, Eugenia Jones is a composed woman. Pictures of Jerry Jones acting inappropriately leaked during their marriage, but she handled the situation calmly. Since Mrs. Jones is more concerned with their family, she is not bothered by Jerry Jones’s lifestyle away from home.

How did Jerry and Eugenia meet?

Mutual friends arranged for Jerry and Gene to go on a blind date while they were both students at the University of Arkansas.

“We went to the county fair and all of the boys were winning teddy bears, Jerry wasn’t having a lot of luck,” Gene said.

“He vanished and reappeared shortly after, sporting the biggest grin and the largest teddy bear at the carnival.

“It was the beginning of our relationship, we married three years later.”

Jerry Jones wife Career

She is a member of the Texas Cultural Trust Board and has experience working at an arts school. She ordered a variety of amazing artworks to be used at AT&T Stadium to enhance the fan experience using her knowledge of Artworks.

Over the past few years, her work has increased the popularity of the Dallas Cowboys. Eugenia Jones’s work and her husband’s encouragement have increased the popularity of the Dallas Cowboys Art Collection.

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Despite becoming an elderly woman, she has continued to do a great deal to carry on her husband’s legacy. She was more active in the World when she was younger, and she did pursue a career there. Up until she grew older and became less dedicated to her work, she was a very productive and active person.

She frequently becomes involved in her business, which is primarily handled by employees and other parties. In the professional football league, Jerry Jones, the owner, president, and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, has had a distinguished career.

Jerry Jones paid $140 million to acquire the Dallas Cowboys in 1989. The franchise underwent a sea change following his acquisition.

The Cowboys won three Super Bowl titles (Super Bowl XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX) in the 1990s while they were owned by Jerry Jones. The Cowboys are among the most valuable sports teams in the world thanks in part to Jones’ creative branding and marketing strategies.

A key player in the building of AT&T Stadium, also known as “Jerry World,” was Jerry Jones. The cutting-edge venue debuted in 2009. The stadium’s dimensions, layout, and features have drawn notice. The stadium, which debuted in 2009, is well-known for its striking architecture, cutting-edge technology, and ability to hold a variety of events outside of football.

Jones contributed to the NFL’s financial success by helping to expand the revenue-sharing model of the league through a number of marketing and sponsorship agreements. Jerry Jones was honored with a 2017 Pro Football Hall of Fame induction due to his noteworthy contributions to the game.

Outside of football, Jones has pursued a number of business interests, such as oil and gas exploration. Jerry Jones had a prosperous career in the oil and gas sector prior to his involvement in football. His exploration and drilling endeavors in the energy sector are what made him wealthy.

Jerry and Gene Jones have made substantial donations to a wide range of causes and organizations and have been active in many community and charitable endeavors.
Jones is renowned for participating actively in NFL ownership meetings and talks and for frequently promoting changes that he feels will improve the league.

It’s important to remember that despite Jerry Jones’s many accomplishments and honors, his tenure has also been characterized by disputes and criticisms, mainly in relation to personnel choices and team performance.

His accomplishment says a lot about him and his activities during his intense participation in sports. Jerry Jones accomplished a great deal, and he is now respected by many people who value his contributions.

Eugenia Children and Grandchildren

Three children, a girl named Charlotte Jones and two sons, Stephen and Jerry Jr., are the offspring of Jerry Jones and his wife. Many grandchildren of Eugenia Jones’s children exist. Stephen, the eldest son of Jerry Jones, is a chemical engineering graduate of the University of Arkansas.

The 53-year-old is currently the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of the Dallas Cowboys. In addition, he oversees player personnel. Jordan, Jessica, Caroline, and John are the four children Stephen and his wife Karen have together.

The only female child of Jerry Jones and Eugenia Jones that is known to exist is Charlotte Jones. She received her degree from Stanford University’s American campus in 1988. She is currently the Dallas Cowboys’ vice-executive president.

Haley Anderson, Paxton, and Shy Anderson are the three children of Charlotte’s spouse, Shy Anderson. The lone child of Jerry Jones and his spouse is Jerry Jr.

Eugenia Jones’s Net Worth

Eugenia Jones, Jerry Jones Wife has a worth of $15 million. Although she has made money as an entrepreneur, she still owns a portion of her husband’s $5 billion fortune. The Jones family, who owns the Dallas Cowboys and AT&T Stadium, is worth a whopping $8.6 billion.

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