Jim Harbaugh wife

Jim Harbaugh wife: Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, Jim Harbaugh wife, is the Michigan Wolverines’ head football coach at the moment. 

However, Sarah Feuerborn’s life is much more than just her marriage to Jim. She is an amazing person who has experienced both triumphs and setbacks since she was a young child. Her four children are her current full-time responsibility.

Learn about Jim Harbaugh wife, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s height, age, marital status, family, achievements, level of education, and social media presence.

Early Life of Jim Harbaugh wife

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh, Jim Harbaugh wife, was born on September 20, 1978, in the United States, to lovely parents. Sarah is forty-five. She is from a large family with twelve children.

She was a real estate agent in Las Vegas prior to her marriage to Jim Harbaugh, the former coach of the San Francisco 49ers. Sarah Harbaugh is the wife of NFL legend and coach Jim Harbaugh. Sarah was born in Belton and raised in Kansas.

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Parents, Siblings

The diva hasn’t talked about her upbringing or parents. Jim Harbaugh wife has kept the media in the dark about her personal life. On September 20, 1978, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh was born. Missouri’s Belton is where she was born. She grew up in the United States with her parents.

Sarah was the youngest of her parents’ ten children. She has six brothers and four sisters. At the age of 1.5, her twin brother Andrew received a cancer diagnosis. He needed months of treatment and surgery to fully recover. He was diagnosed with colon cancer again and died at the age of 22 in 1999. Sarah was raised by her parents’ and friends’ families. At the age of nearly nineteen, her adoptive father, Darryl, perished in an aircraft accident.

One of her eleven siblings was an extremely beautiful actress. Her siblings are Marty, Joseph, Mary, Pamela, Paul, John, Michael, Amy, Andrew, and Anna. Along with her parents and siblings, Sarah formerly called Kansas City home. The gorgeous diva appears to come from a well-known and prosperous family.

Jim Harbaugh wife Education and achievements

As for her school background, no reliable information is available. She thinks Sarah is a smart, motivated woman who is focused on her career. She may have completed her education and high school in her home country. Furthermore, it’s possible that Mrs. Harbaugh graduated from a respectable university.

Sarah has made a substantial contribution to cancer research foundations. She has also acted in several movies endorsing the Michigan Wolverines and made an appearance in a Dockers commercial that parodied dad pants. She had previously appeared as a guest on CSN, where she talked about the difficulties of being a coach’s wife.

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Career

A thorough examination of Sarah’s personal and professional lives is underway. In terms of her professional career, she works as a real estate agent in Las Vegas. The woman had begun promoting her appearance on television earlier. Jim Harbaugh wife, Sarah Harbaugh, is an entertainer.

She also had roles in a number of miniseries. This group of films includes Bury the Naysayers, Nowhere to Surrender, the Michigan Wolverines, and numerous others. Sarah’s participation in the Cancer Awareness Program and the Chad Tough Foundation. Sarah says that cancer has been a part of her life ever since she can remember. 

Initially, when she was too young to understand, her twin Andrew received a cancer diagnosis. Her father and another brother were also diagnosed with cancer, and her twin brother passed away from the disease. She has been actively involved in raising awareness of cancer, with a focus on DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma). 

She met by coincidence with Chad Carr, a young cancer patient and the grandson of the late Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr, who passed away on November 23, 2015, while she was serving on the board of the Chad Tough Foundation. Her recommendation is to look into and research juvenile brain cancers via the Chad Tough Foundation.

Additionally, Sarah has worked for The Dream Factory, a nonprofit that sets up meetings between children with life-threatening illnesses and their favorite celebrities. Additionally, Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh intends to work as a hospice volunteer.

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Religion and Ethnicity

Jim Harbaugh’s wife, Sarah, is an American. As a result, she lives in America. She is an American citizen as a result.

Like him, the talented actress is a devout Christian. She identifies as straight. She is of Caucasian ethnic descent.

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Children

Jim Harbaugh wife, Sarah and Jim feel lucky to be the proud parents of four children. The children of Addison and Katherine are named John, John, Jack, and Hannah Harbaugh. Sarah gave her two sons the names of his grandfather and uncle, Jack and John. But the couple still needs to reveal their exact birthdates to the world.

As a family, they enjoy spending time together. Jim and Miah had a prior marriage, and they had three more children together. particularly Grace, Jay, and James Harbaugh.

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s age, height, weight

In 2023, Sarah Harbaugh, Jim Harbaugh wife, will turn 45 years old. She was born in the month of Virgo, which corresponds to her zodiac sign.

Sarah’s vital statistics show that she has a bold, beautiful, and amazing body type. She is currently 5 feet 8 inches, or 1.72 meters, tall.

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh Net Worth

Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh’s earnings from her career as a real estate agent and her appearances in television shows have contributed to her $700,000 net worth.

She currently works as a real estate agent. Mrs. Harbaugh’s involvement in the miniseries documentary “All or Nothing: The Michigan Wolverines” marked the beginning of her professional career. After that, she made her last appearance on television in the show “Mike & Mike.” 

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