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Melissa Stark, the expert in NFL reporting, is back after 20 years, now at 49, as the lively voice of NBC’s Sunday Night Football for the 2023-2024 season. She’ll bring you close to your favorite football stars with her storytelling magic as the autumn leaves fall and winter arrives.

Off the exciting football field, Melissa finds happiness with her family. She and her partner, Mike Lilley, celebrate two decades together. Beyond the loud cheers of the crowd and bright stadium lights, Melissa Stark’s life is a story of love, strength, and a deep passion for the game that goes beyond seasons.

Who Is Melissa Stark Married To?

Melissa Stark and Mike Lilley got married in 2001 and live in New Jersey with their crew. Mike runs the Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey, doing important work.

When Melissa considered returning to Sunday Night Football, a big job that would keep her away from home Thursday to Sunday each NFL season week, she talked to Mike for advice. Being the supportive husband, he encouraged her not to miss the awesome opportunity. They’re a team, and Mike’s the kind of guy who cheers on Melissa’s dreams.

Mike used to run Better Education for New Jersey and worked part-time at the American Enterprise Institute before starting the Sunlight Policy Center of New Jersey.

Now, when Melissa thought about joining Sunday Night Football, a job taking her away from home Thursday to Sunday every NFL season week, she discussed it with her hubby, Mike. He didn’t want her to miss the fantastic opportunity.

“He’s my voice of reason,” Melissa shared. “I’m always the one that says, Try this, do this. He brings me back to earth. If he had said, ‘We just can’t have you gone four days a week,’ but he said, ‘This is amazing that you’re going back 20 years later with four kids. This is incredible. You’re doing it, 100%.'” They’re a tag team, and Mike’s the kind of guy who cheers on Melissa’s dreams. Together, they make decisions with a mix of adventure and practicality, turning their home into a hub of support and love.

Does Melissa Stark Have Kids?

Melissa and Mike have four awesome kids. They started with two boys, Mike and Jackson. In 2007, their family got even cooler with twin girls, Clara and Clemmie.

Here’s a fun twist: one of Melissa and Mike’s sons is at the University of Virginia, where Melissa used to be. Keeping it all in the family! Whether cheering for UVA or just hanging out, this crew knows how to make family life fantastic.

Melissa’s back on Sunday Night Football, but her kids are stepping up their game at home. In a chat with The Chicago Sun-Times, Melissa shared a funny story about her daughter’s washing machine mystery. “Mom, I don’t know how to use it,” she confessed. So, before the big Cowboys game, Melissa went superhero-style and FaceTimed a washing machine tutorial. Virtual laundry lesson, touchdown!

Even with touchdown calls and sideline reporting, Melissa’s playbook is all about family. She’s determined to keep her crew her main focus. “Can a woman have it all?” she ponders. For Melissa, it’s about finding balance between family and career. Growing up close-knit, she’s making sure her own tribe gets that same balance. Whether coaching her kids through laundry or keeping the family huddle strong, Melissa’s playing the game of life with heart and humor.

Why Did Melissa Stark Take A Break?

Melissa used to own the Monday Night Football sidelines from 2000 to 2002 on ABC. But that’s not all – she had a stint with NBC News and rocked the Olympics coverage for NBC Sports three times! Yep, she’s not just a sideline pro; she’s got the Olympics in her playbook. Melissa’s journey from the football field to the Olympics is like having a front-row seat to the coolest sports adventures. Now that’s what I call a winning career playbook! make it easy language for this content

Melissa, the superstar sports reporter, once hit pause on her career to tackle the awesome challenge of raising four kids under four. In her own words to PEOPLE, she said, “Four kids under four was a lot,” and the road wasn’t calling her name at that time. So, she decided to rock the full-time mom hat and left the sports reporting world hanging. Fast forward 20 years, and guess what? Melissa made a spectacular comeback to the sideline reporting scene in 2022! In a chat with the Associated Press, she spilled the beans on her hubby being her ultimate cheerleader. “I’m going to be replaced by someone younger,” she’d worry. But her husband shut that down with a confident, “No, you’re not.” Now, Melissa’s not just back with a mic; she’s back with a family too. In her words, it’s a validation, a message to all the amazing women out there. You can rock the family and career combo. Melissa’s journey shouts loud and clear – you can navigate the twists and turns, have a family, and still own the career game. That’s not just a story; it’s an inspiration! make it easy and simple language.

Mellisa stark early life and education

Melissa Stark is from Baltimore, Maryland, and her dad, Walter Stark, was a cool eye surgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital. She got into sports early, cheering for the Baltimore Colts with her dad, who fixed up players’ eyes.

She did great in school, finishing at the top as the valedictorian at Roland Park Country School in Baltimore. After that, she headed to the University of Virginia, where she did awesome, graduating magna cum laude with a major in foreign affairs and Spanish. Plus, she was part of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority crew. So, Melissa Stark is not just smart and sporty but also a sorority sister – a real MVP!


Melissa Stark’s journey from a news intern to a sports broadcasting star is really something to cheer about. In 1991, she started as a news intern at WMAR-TV in Baltimore, where she learned all about reporting and chasing stories. By 1996, she made a big move to ESPN, hosting Scholastic Sports America and becoming a regular face on SportsCenter. She covered everything from the NBA Finals to the World Series.

Then, in 2000, ABC Sports gave her a call, and she became the main sideline reporter for Monday Night Football. She even tried her hand at reality TV, co-hosting The Runner, all thanks to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Melissa Stark’s journey is a real success story in the world of sports broadcasting!

After her time at ABC Sports, Melissa Stark made a move to NBC News in 2003. There, she reported for The Today Show and anchored MSNBC Live. The Olympics were no big deal for her – she covered the 2004 Summer Olympics and more.

In 2022, she made a stylish return to NBC Sports as the new sideline reporter for Sunday Night Football.

And if that wasn’t enough, she also spent time at NFL Network, hosting shows like NFL Total Access and GameDay First. Melissa is not just a pro on the field but also a host for the Emmy Award-winning series NFL 360. She shines on the red carpet and isn’t afraid to grill players at the draft. Melissa Stark sure knows how to make a mark in the world of sports broadcasting!

Off-camera, Melissa’s juggling family life like a champ. Rumson, New Jersey, is where she hangs her hat with her husband, Mike Lilley, and their four kids. Now that’s what you call a winning playbook – from intern to sideline superstar, Melissa Stark has aced every game!


Melissa Stark is a true MVP in life, both on and off the field. She started by cheering for the Baltimore Colts with her eye surgeon dad and faced the challenge of raising four kids under four. Her journey is a captivating story of resilience and success.

Taking a break for family, she came back to the sidelines with strong support from her husband, Mike Lilley, her ultimate cheerleader. Their family in New Jersey is not just a home; it’s full of love, support, and even virtual laundry lessons.

Melissa’s return to Sunday Night Football in 2022 after a two-decade break shows her tenacity and the constant encouragement from her family. Her story is a beacon for women, proving you can balance a thriving career and a loving family.

As a seasoned sports journalist, Melissa worked for various networks, from ESPN to ABC Sports, NBC News, and NFL Network. She’s not just a reporter; she’s a host, a sideline superstar, and a red carpet queen, bringing her charisma to every part of the sports world.

In the end, Melissa Stark’s playbook is a winner – a mix of career highs, family values, and the belief that, yes, you can have it all. Her journey is an inspiration for everyone, showing that with determination, a supportive partner, and a bit of humor, you can navigate life’s twists and turns and come out on top.

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