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In the vibrant tapestry of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras parades, Theresa Andersson found inspiration amidst the stillness that followed, a pregnant pause between the dazzling revelry. A musical virtuoso, she translated this silence into the eclectic rhythms of her album “Street Parade.” The journey, fueled by looping pedals and unexpected motherhood, became a symphony of trial, error, and bold discovery.

Collaborating with Tobias Fröberg and poet Jessica Faust, the album’s gestation mirrored Theresa’s own life changes. Delayed vocals post-birth added a unique twist, her voice briefly adopting an unexpected timbre. The outcome, worth the wait, reveals a melodic journey through sunshine pop, New Orleans brass, and molasses-dipped Motown vibes. As the album echoes her transformative experiences, Theresa invites us to explore the beauty hiding in life’s spaces in between.

The Journey of Theresa Andersson

In the colorful musical canvas of New Orleans, Theresa Andersson’s journey began in 1990 when she brought her violin skills to harmonize with fellow Swede and singer-songwriter Anders Osborne. Their collaboration created a beautiful fusion that resonated for nine years until Theresa decided to venture out on her own, leaving behind a trail of musical memories.

Since parting from the band, Theresa’s musical adventure has been a captivating dance with New Orleans’ musical legends. Collaborating with luminaries like Allen Toussaint, The Neville Brothers, The Meters, and Betty Harris, she became a muse to the city’s rhythmic heartbeat. In 2007, her invitation to the prestigious “Goin’ Home: A Tribute to Fats Domino” showcased her versatility, soulfully performing “When The Saints Go Marching In” alongside The Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Her notes haven’t just echoed in live performances but have also graced the stages of iconic late-night shows like Conan O’Brien and Craig Ferguson. The magic of her music found a home at the Voodoo Festival in New Orleans, where she painted the air with the vibrant strokes of her sound. In Theresa Andersson’s unique symphony, each note becomes a chapter in the rich narrative of New Orleans’ musical legacy.

One-woman show

In a musical transformation sparked by puppeteer Blair Thomas from Chicago, Theresa Andersson redefined solo performance. Facing financial challenges of touring Europe with a band, she cleverly turned to a loop pedal, inspired by Thomas’s puppetry and drumming skills.

Starting with looping her violin, voice, and guitar, Andersson wanted a more intricate live experience. This led her to a unique setup: two loop pedals working together, creating a musical journey that breaks the usual limits of solo acts. In her diverse ensemble, the record player, drums, dulcimer, guitar, and violin come together in a harmonious dance, turning each performance into a symphony of creativity.

Theresa Andersson’s one-woman-band not only overcomes financial challenges but also showcases the limitless creativity that arises when inspiration meets resourcefulness.

Recording specifics of Theresa Andersson

In the magical process of artistic creation, Theresa Andersson’s album “Hummingbird, Go!” emerged from a serendipitous collaboration. Conceived during a Sweden tour, the album took flight when producer Tobias Froberg, a kindred spirit, journeyed to New Orleans. The unconventional recording studio? Andersson’s own kitchen, where the magic unfolded in the fall of 2007.

Showcasing her musical virtuosity, Andersson played most instruments, with notable duets featuring the legendary Allen Toussaint and Norwegian singer Ane Brun. Linus Larsson, known for his work with Peter, Bjorn and John, and Mercury Rev, lent his mixing mastery to bring the album to life.

Not content with traditional settings, Theresa expanded her repertoire with “Theresa Andersson Live at Le Petit” in April 2010. Recorded at New Orleans’ Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre, the live DVD captures the essence of her artistry. The setlist, a harmonious blend of old and new, includes exclusive, never-before-seen material.

Amid her original compositions, Andersson weaves renditions of traditional American folk songs, creating a melodic tapestry. A highlight is a duet with the iconic Allen Toussaint, solidifying her place in New Orleans’ rich musical legacy. In this unique journey from kitchen studio to live stage, Theresa Andersson invites audiences into the intimate spaces where her music comes alive.

Theresa Andersson Success Story

In a delightful display of DIY creativity, Theresa Andersson’s video for “Na Na Na” has become a YouTube sensation with over 1.2 million views. Originally designed as a promotional tool to showcase her unconventional touring approach to music venues, the video unexpectedly soared to viral fame in the summer of 2008. What makes this visual gem unique is its intimate setting – not a flashy studio, but the very same kitchen where Andersson crafted the sonic tapestry of her album “Hummingbird, Go!”

This video, born out of necessity, transformed into a digital marvel that resonates with audiences worldwide. Filmed by Andersson herself, it’s a testament to the power of genuine, homegrown creativity. The success of “Na Na Na” on YouTube not only showcases her musical prowess but also celebrates the allure of authenticity, proving that sometimes, the magic of artistry thrives in the most unexpected corners of our lives.

Personal Life 

In the harmonious chapters of her life, Theresa Andersson embraces the roles of both artist and mother. Married with a child born in 2011, her journey took a unique turn as she temporarily skipped the 2011 New Orleans Jazz Fest. The reason? Hormonal changes, a testament to the intricate balance between life’s personal and professional melodies. The arrival of her first child brought a pause, a tender interlude, as hormonal shifts delicately altered her upper vocal register.

Beyond the vibrant pulse of New Orleans, Andersson, along with her family, found a home in Shreveport, Louisiana. In the quiet embrace of Shreveport’s community, she orchestrates the symphony of family life alongside her musical endeavors, creating a unique cadence where the rhythms of domesticity blend seamlessly with the notes of her artistic journey. In this intimate interplay, Theresa Andersson paints a portrait where the personal and the professional dance together, creating a melody that resonates with the heart’s deepest harmonies.


Theresa Andersson, beyond her musical endeavors, has made notable contributions to film and documentaries, adding a unique dimension to her artistic portfolio. Here are some highlights from her filmography:

1. The Strat Pack: Live in Concert (2004): In this performance documentary, Theresa Andersson showcases her musical prowess, contributing to the electrifying live concert capturing the essence of the iconic Fender Stratocaster guitar.

2. A Love Song for Bobby Long (2004): Andersson’s involvement in this film underscores her versatility as an artist, contributing to the soundtrack or potentially making a cameo appearance in this drama.

3. The Brooke Ellison Story (2004): This TV movie features Andersson’s artistic touch, possibly in the form of musical contributions to the soundtrack.

4. Infidelity (2004): Andersson may have lent her musical talents to this film, further enhancing its emotional landscape.

5. Earth vs. The Radiators: The First 25 (2004): A documentary that could feature Andersson’s insights or performances, adding a layer of authenticity to the narrative.

6. New Orleans Music in Exile (2006): Given her connection to New Orleans and its vibrant music scene, Andersson’s involvement in this documentary likely brings a personal and heartfelt perspective.

7. Theresa Andersson Live at Le Petit (2010): This live concert recording serves as a testament to Andersson’s stage presence and musical prowess, offering fans an intimate and immersive experience.

Theresa Andersson’s foray into film aligns seamlessly with her dedication to diverse artistic expressions, making her filmography as captivating and eclectic as her musical journey.


The recording story behind her album “Hummingbird, Go!” is a serendipitous collaboration, born in the unconventional studio of her kitchen, where she played most instruments. The release of “Theresa Andersson Live at Le Petit” expands her repertoire, capturing the essence of her artistry in a live setting, complete with duets echoing the soul of New Orleans.

Beyond music, Andersson’s success extends to her DIY video for “Na Na Na,” a digital marvel that epitomizes the allure of genuine, homegrown creativity. Her contributions to film and documentaries add another layer to her artistic portfolio, reflecting her versatile and captivating presence on stage and screen.

In her personal life, Andersson seamlessly intertwines the roles of artist and mother, navigating the intricate balance of life’s melodies. The temporary pause from the New Orleans Jazz Fest in 2011, influenced by the tender arrival of her first child, adds a poignant note to her narrative.

Finding a home in Shreveport, Louisiana, Theresa Andersson’s journey is a melodic dance where the rhythms of domesticity blend seamlessly with the notes of her artistic endeavors. In the spaces in between, she invites audiences to explore the beauty that emerges when life’s experiences shape the soulful cadence of her music. Theresa Andersson, a true maestro, continues to compose a unique and resonant melody, echoing the heart’s deepest harmonies.

Theresa Andersson’s journey is a symphony of creativity, resilience, and authenticity woven into the rich tapestry of New Orleans’ musical legacy. From the vibrant inspirations of Mardi Gras to the intimate spaces of her own kitchen, Andersson’s artistry breaks conventional boundaries. Her one-woman-band, powered by looping pedals and resourcefulness, is a testament to the boundless possibilities when inspiration meets ingenuity.

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