Von Miller Wife

Von Miller Wife or girlfriend, Megan Denise 

Who is Von Miller wife? Von Miller was one of the athletes who made the highest salaries ever documented worldwide during the height of his professional success. Von Miller, for instance, received $35 million in compensation and sponsorships between June 2017 and June 2018.

Von Miller has played for three different teams in the National Football League: the Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, and Los Angeles Rams. He was the winner of two different Super Bowls. Miller, in addition to his many other achievements, is the franchise record holder for the most career sacks in Broncos history. In this article we will look through von miller wife closely.

Quick facts about Von Miller wife

Full Name
Megan Denise 
Megan X
Around 5 feet 5 inches (1.6m)
Hair Color
Dark Brown 
Eye Color
Dark Brown 
Father’s Name
Name Unknown
Mother’s Name
Name Unknown
Marital Status 
Lil Yachty (former)
Antonio Ethan Gates Jr. (short affair)
Von Miller (former) 

A son
ProfessionModel, Actress

Who is Von Miller Wife?

2018 witnessed the start of a romantic relationship between Von Miller and Megan Denise, who is well-known for her Instagram modeling work and dance performances. When they weren’t even friends, Megan Denise, who worked at Floyd Mayweather’s “Girl Collection” strip club and went by the name “Megan X,” dated the NFL player. After the engagement, Megan was seen wearing a big diamond ring in pictures, but she stopped wearing it after the couple split up a few years later.

Besides that, her eyes and hair are both the same shade of very dark brown.

She stands about five feet five inches tall, to give you an idea of her height. She also has a red ink tattoo of the word “Vonnie” on her breast. While waiting, this can be observed.

She has demonstrated her acting skills in a number of short films, including “The Hat,” “Typecasted,” and “Private Investigations.” Her relationship with hip-hop artist Lil Yachty was previously made public by the media before this.

Megan Denise’s age

The date of Megan Denise’s birth is December 2, 1989. In 2023, she will be 33 years old, and her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. The model grew up in the US, where she was born.

Von Miller and Von Miller girlfriend Breakup

Even though their relationship was not always harmonious, Megan was the only woman who could be regarded as Von Miller’s wife. Local rumors claim that Floyd Mayweather and Denise, a dancer in Las Vegas, once collaborated at the “Girl Collection” nightclub.

After that, she started dating Von Miller again and reignited their relationship. They appeared to be very much in love at first, and they couldn’t wait to share pictures of each other on Instagram. Their time together would be brief before she sent them back to their respective locations.

The social media star claimed in Instagram stories shared with her one million+ followers that her ex-boyfriend had asked her to have an abortion, but when she refused, he had sent her a note asking God to grant her a miscarriage. The accusations state that he texted her, expressing his severe disappointment in himself and declaring that the error he had made was the worst one he had ever made.

Denise said that she was tired of standing up for Von and went on to say that she felt sorry for any woman or man who had experienced abuse—verbal, physical, or psychological. She achieved this by subtly suggesting that she had experienced similar treatment at the hands of Von. This compounded the difficulty of the situation.

He was not prosecuted for any misconduct even though the police were called because she later refuted the accusations of assault. Von Miller claimed that Megan’s claims on social media were untrue in the context of the response. In an Instagram post that has since been deleted, he stated that the possibility of someone leaving particular people could drive them nuts. 

Von Miller child with girlfriend Von Miller girlfriend

Miller is still unmarried, but due to his ex-fiance Megan Denise, he is now a parent. She was pregnant when they split up, as was previously mentioned. Some stories claim that after their public dispute, they tried to patch things up, but it did not work out.

The linebacker for the Denver Broncos and his ex-fiance welcomed their son, Valor Von Miller, into the world on August 16, 2022. Before the child was even born, Von had already chosen a name and had it permanently inked on his body.

Though it was later found that he was given the new name Legacy Von Miller, he may still go by Valor. In March 2022, Denise accused Von of being a slacker parent, dashed hopes that the arrival of their child would end their never-ending conflict.

In response to a question about whether NFL players are screened for cocaine use, she asked that he see his child no more frequently than every four months. The Super Bowl champion, she continued, was a drug addict.

Von Miller Wife profession and net worth

Her desire to enter the modeling industry was fueled by her stunning physique. In the beginning, she worked as a dancer at Floyd Mayweather, the boxing champion,’s Girl Collection Club in Las Vegas.

She worked for that business for nearly a year in 2017, which was her first year of employment.

She proceeded to pursue a career as a model and appeared in the miniseries “Typecasted,” “The Hat: Viral Spots,” and “Private Investigations.”

She has additionally acted in movies like “Fates of Ambition” and “Bikini Mayhem.” After some time, Megan—who was also the brand’s model—launched her clothing line under the same name.

Megan, according to her Instagram profile, is not only a registered medical esthetician but also a certified laser expert and cryo skin specialist at Cherry Medical Aesthetics in Denver, Colorado.

As of right now, Megan Denis is worth $300,000. Her wealth is currently at this level.

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