5. Who is Jordan Larson’s husband,David Hunt?

David Hunt Born in 1986 in Fremont, Nebraska, Jordan Larson’s volleyball story is amazing. In high school, she broke records and won the Nebraska Gatorade High School Player of the Year. At the University of Nebraska, she dominated, earning awards and leading her team to a national title in 2006 with over 1,600 kills and 1,410 digs.

In 2009, Larson rocked the international scene, winning in tournaments like the FIVB World Grand Prix and NORCECA Women’s Continental Championship. At the Olympics, she grabbed bronze in Rio 2016, silver in London 2012, and gold in Tokyo 2020.

Larson’s volleyball skills reached clubs in Russia, Turkey, China, and Italy, winning titles everywhere. She’s known for her versatility.

Her list of awards is impressive – Best Receiver in the CEV Champions League, Best Server in the 2013 NORCECA Championship, and Best Blocker in the CEV Champions League, among others. Tokyo 2020 brought not just a historic gold for Team USA but also titles of Most Valuable Player and Best Outside Hitter for Larson. She’s not just a volleyball player; she’s a game-changer, a record-breaker, and a gold-bringer. Larson’s journey is a symphony of triumph, and the applause is well-deserved.

Jordan Larson’s husband(David Hunt)

Jordan Larson’s love story is a sports romance at its finest. Her husband, David Hunt, used to be the head coach of the Pepperdine Waves men’s volleyball team, making them a real power couple!

They got married in a glitzy ceremony in Los Angeles on August 21, 2021. It wasn’t just a wedding; it was a love celebration with a touch of volleyball royalty.

David hunt

So, when Jordan isn’t spiking on the court, she’s sharing life’s victories with her coach-turned-life-partner, David Hunt. Together, they’ve crafted a love story that’s as dynamic and impressive as a championship match. Love, set, match!

Does Jordan Larson have any kids?

No, Jordan Larson doesn’t have any kids.

Know everything about her love life

David Hunt was the head coach for the Pepperdine men’s volleyball team from 2017 to 2021. He also helped the U.S. women’s national volleyball team during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Before marrying David in 2021, Jordan Larson had a nearly decade-long relationship with Luke Burbach that ended in 2016.

While David coached, Jordan’s love life had its ups and downs, like a volleyball game. Each part of her journey adds a unique flavor to her interesting story, showing that love, just like volleyball, has both victories and losses.

Jordan Larson Biography and Career

Jordan Larson, born on October 16, 1986, isn’t just a volleyball player; she’s won big at the Olympics three times. Imagine this: gold in the 2014 World Championship, another gold in the Rimini Volleyball Nations League, and the best one, a gold in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. That’s a gold collection any athlete would envy.

But wait, there’s more. Jordan knows silver too. She got silver at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, adding some shiny silver to her trophy cabinet. And then, there’s the bronze from the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro – a whole range of Olympic bling.

Now, here’s the cool part – the 2020 Summer Olympics gave Jordan Larson the ultimate Olympic medal trifecta. Gold, silver, and bronze, all at once! That’s not just an achievement; it’s Olympic history!

So, when you think of Jordan Larson, think of a volleyball maestro with a medal collection that tells a tale of triumph and determination. The courts are her stage, and the medals? They’re the shining stars in her volleyball galaxy.

Her first collegiate coaching position was as an assistant coach for the University of Texas women’s volleyball team in January 2022.


In the volleyball arena, 2009 marked Jordan Larson’s grand entrance into the American women’s national team. Her debut season was nothing short of spectacular – starting 19 matches across the Pan American Cup, FIVB World Grand Prix, and NORCECA Continental Championship. Averaging 2.73 points and 1.06 digs per set, she wasn’t just a player; she was a game-changer. Oh, and did I mention she also rocked it as a member of Dynamo Kazan?

In 2010, Jordan Larson led the USA volleyball team to a bronze win in the Pan American Cup, starting every game. The next year, she played a crucial role in the team’s second-place finish in the FIVB World Grand Prix, starting in 13 of 14 matches.

But the real highlight? In 2011, at the FIVB World Cup, Larson’s skills earned the USA a silver medal, securing their spot in the 2012 Summer Olympics. She wasn’t just scoring points; she was paving the way for Olympic glory.

In 2016, Larson brought her best game, helping her team secure a victory in the semifinals against VakfBank Istanbul. That’s what you call a clutch performance!

The ultimate achievement? Larson and her team defended their title at the 2016 FIVB World Club Championship in Manila, becoming the first club in the world to win back-to-back. Jordan Larson doesn’t just play volleyball; she orchestrates victories, leaving an unforgettable mark in the sport’s history books.

Short biography of Jordan Larson

Jordan Larson is not just a volleyball powerhouse; she’s also a graduate in communications studies from the University of Nebraska in 2008. In love, she was previously married to Luke Burbach but now shares her life with David Hunt, the head coach of the Pepperdine Men’s Volleyball team. They tied the knot on August 21st, 2021, in Los Angeles.

Her achievements match her powerful spikes. In 2016, Larson won her second indoor USA Volleyball Female Player of the Year award. The next year, at the 2017 FIVB World Grand Champions Cup, she not only brought home the bronze medal but also clinched the Best Outside Spiker award.

Stepping into the professional arena, Larson made history in the inaugural season of the Athletes Unlimited Volleyball USA competition. With an impressive 4,569 ranking points, she not only earned the title of MVP but also became the first-ever volleyball champion. Jordan Larson is a force both on and off the court, leaving her mark in love and volleyball history.

The invitation to the 2021 FIVB Volleyball Nations League showcased Larson’s continued prowess. In Rimini, Italy, she was part of the 18-player roster, contributing to Team USA’s gold medal win – a trend that seems to follow her wherever she goes. Whether it’s on the international stage or a professional league, Larson continues to set the standard for excellence in volleyball.


In conclusion, Jordan Larson’s journey is a tapestry woven with triumphs, both on and off the volleyball court. From her stellar high school career to becoming a three-time Olympic medalist, Larson’s impact on the sport is nothing short of legendary. Her love story with husband David Hunt adds a touch of romance to her dynamic life, showcasing that victories extend beyond the court. With accolades spanning international tournaments, club championships, and professional leagues, Larson’s versatility and resilience shine through. As she continues to make history, both as a player and now a coach, Jordan Larson stands as a true icon in the world of volleyball. Her story is a celebration of love, triumph, and the unwavering pursuit of excellen

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