4. Who is Josh Dobbs’ Girlfriend?

Josh Dobbs

The NFL is buzzing, and it’s all about Josh Dobbs, the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. He’s suddenly become a big deal, thanks to his awesome performances on the field. Back in 2017, he was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the fourth round, but it took until the 2023 NFL season for everyone to notice.

Here’s the scoop: With star quarterbacks Kyler Murray and Kirk Cousins getting sidelined due to injuries, Dobbs got his shot. He played 8 games for the struggling Arizona Cardinals, who had a rough 1-7 record. But guess what? Dobbs rocked those games, showing off his incredible skills.

Now, the Minnesota Vikings are saying, “Hey, Dobbs, you’re in charge!” He’s off to a great start with the team, dressed in purple and gold, and they’re eyeing a playoff spot. Dobbs is in the spotlight, and if he guides them to the postseason, he might get some exciting job offers next year. It’s like Dobbs went from sitting on the sidelines to becoming the NFL’s new star in the blink of an eye!

Who is Josh Dobbs’ Girlfriend?

How old is Jocelyn Lara?

Jocelyn Lara’s age as of November 2023 is reported to be 26. Her date of birth is said to be December 10, 1996. If this information is accurate, then she is a couple of years younger than Dobbs, who is currently 28 years old.

What is Jocelyn Lara’s Net Worth?

While Jocelyn Lara isn’t in the public eye as a celebrity, her profession doesn’t involve disclosing salary information, leaving her net worth details undisclosed. On the contrary, Dobbs, with a reported net worth of around $3 million as of November 2023, stands out in the financial spotlight. The contrast between Jocelyn’s privacy and Dobbs’ known financial standing adds an intriguing element to their relationship, showcasing the diversity in their individual journeys.

Jocelyn Lara’s Height and Weight

It is unclear what Jocelyn Lara’s exact height and weight are. However, based on a visual comparison with Dobbs, it appears that Lara is approximately 5’2″ or 5’3″ tall. This is because Dobbs appears to be over a foot taller than her.

What does Jocelyn Lara do for a living?

Lara graduated with a degree in supply chain and marketing. Since October 2022, she has been working at Generation Adidas International as an account manager.

In addition to her current role, Lara also participated in the NFL Women’s Careers in Football Forum, which aims to identify women suitable for football operation positions in the NFL, college, and high school programs.

Previously, from 2019 until the end of 2020, Lara worked as an executive assistant to the head football coach at the University of Minnesota. In 2021, she joined Team IFA as a client relations coordinator.

Jocelyn Lara Parents

Jocelyn Lara’s family lineage can be traced back to her parents, Delmy Zelaya and Jose Lara. Unfortunately, there is limited information available about Lara’s parents, except for their names, which adds an air of curiosity to her family background. It leaves room for imagination about the influences that might have shaped Jocelyn’s life and upbringing. As the story unfolds, the mystery surrounding Lara’s family background may pique further interest.

Jocelyn Lara Social Media

There isn’t much known about Lara’s private life since she keeps it away from the media. However, it seems that she has a private Instagram account and her handle on LinkedIn is Jocelyn Lara.

How long have Josh Dobbs and Jocelyn Lara been dating?

It is not clear when the couple started dating, but their first official picture as a couple was posted in December 2021. However, it is safe to assume that they began dating during their college years since that was when they first met. Both Dobbs and Lara attended the University of Tennessee. Dobbs majored in Aerospace Engineering, while Lara graduated with a degree in Supply Chain and Marketing in 2019. It is possible that they met on the football field, as Dobbs was the starting quarterback for the Volunteers and Lara was a football recruiting assistant for the team.

Josh Dobbs and Jocelyn Lara pictures


The story of Josh Dobbs and Jocelyn Lara is like a captivating movie. Josh, who is an NFL quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, went from being in the background to becoming a star on the field. Jocelyn, his girlfriend, brings depth to the tale with her job in supply chain and marketing at Generation Adidas International.

Jocelyn is a private person, which adds a bit of mystery to the story. We don’t know her exact age, net worth, or much about her family. This contrast with Josh, who is more in the public eye, makes their story even more interesting.

They share a history from growing up in Chelsea, Massachusetts, to their college days at the University of Tennessee. Although it’s unclear when they started their romantic relationship, their first public photo together appeared in December 2021.

As Josh and Jocelyn navigate their personal and professional lives, their story promises to keep us intrigued. It offers glimpses into their lives as they make their way in the world of sports and beyond.

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