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Who is Sean Payton wife? How old is Sean Payton’s wife.

Who is Sean Payton wife? For the Denver Broncos, Sean Payton serves as head coach. This is the legendary NFL coach’s first season with the Broncos. Prior to taking a year off due to suspension, he was the head coach of the New Orleans Saints from 2006 to 2021. In 2006, he was named AP Coach of the Year and won Super Bowl XLIV.

After he started coaching, Payton’s personal life has undergone some changes. He had two kids from a previous relationship with Beth Shuey. In 2014, the pair parted ways. During their marriage, they had two children, a plot point that was included in the film Home Team, which was a biopic about Payton’s one-year suspension. He married in 2021 and has since taken a new wife. Skylene Montgomery is Sean Payton wife.

Who is Sean Payton wife?

Skylene Montgomery, Sean Payton wife, is a well-known American nurse, volleyball coach, and previous beauty pageant competitor. She became well-known as the spouse of former American football player and coach Sean Payton. Skylene was raised as an only child and attended Marshall, West Virginia, and Loyola Universities to further her education. She has a background in nursing and worked as a nurse in the gastrointestinal department before becoming a volleyball coach. In her early years, Skylene, Sean Payton wife competed in beauty pageants, showcasing her exceptional talents.

She got married to Sean Payton in 2021 and gave birth to Meghan and Connor Payton, his children, as stepmothers. Their relationship is notable because of their large age difference, even with the public attention. It is estimated that Skylene is worth $3 million. She is well-known in the fields of healthcare, sports, and entertainment thanks to her varied talents and ability to manage her roles.

How old is Sean Payton’s wife?

As of January 2023, Skylene Montgomery, who was born in Parkersburg, West Virginia, on December 4th, 1984, is 38 years old. She is well known for being the spouse of former American football player and coach Sean Payton. Skylene has a varied background. She attended Marshall University to obtain a bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology and later attended West Virginia University to pursue a nursing degree. In May 2022, she received her advanced nursing degree from Loyola University, marking the culmination of her academic journey. In her professional life, she has held positions as an intensive care unit gastrointestinal nurse at Ochsner Medical Centre in New Orleans and assistant nurse, most notably at St. Mary’s Hospital in Huntington, West Virginia.

Skylene is renowned for her contributions to humanitarian initiatives like the Katrina Relief Fund. Her marriage to Sean Payton, which started in 2014, has drawn attention because of their notable age difference of 21. Coach Avery Johnson officiated their lavish wedding in June 2022, which took place in Mexico. In addition to her achievements, Skylene is well-known for her public relationship with the well-known football coach.

Sean Payton Biography

Born on December 29, 1963, Patrick Sean Payton is an American football coach and former quarterback. He is the National Football League’s (NFL) head coach of the Denver Broncos at the moment. Payton rose to prominence as the New Orleans Saints’ head coach from 2006 to 2021, when he guided the team to its first Super Bowl triumph in 2009.

Payton played collegiate football for the Eastern Illinois Panthers and made a brief appearance in the NFL in 1987 with the Chicago Bears prior to beginning his coaching career. He held a number of coaching roles in both college and the NFL after starting his coaching career at San Diego State University as an offensive assistant.

The Saints saw tremendous success under Payton’s direction, including several postseason trips and a 2010 Super Bowl victory. But because of his role in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal (2012)—which involved purported payments for trying to hurt rival players—he was suspended. After his suspension was lifted in 2013, Payton resumed coaching.

Well-known for his prowess on offense, Payton has dominated the coaching ranks in the NFL, leaving a lasting impression on the teams he has managed, most notably the New Orleans Saints.

Quick Facts about Sean Payton

Full Name
Patrick Sean Payton
Date of Birth
December 29, 1963
59 (as of 2023)
San Mateo, California
Eastern Illinois University (College)
Playing Career
Chicago Bears (1987)
Salary (Last Coaching Role)
$9.8 million (2021)
Net Worth
$24 million (as of 2023)
Skylene Montgomery

Sean Payton Career

One well-known American football coach is Sean Payton. In 1988, he began his coaching career at San Diego State University as an offensive assistant. He worked as a coach for a number of colleges and NFL teams over the years, such as the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and Philadelphia Eagles.

Payton joined the New Orleans Saints as head coach in 2006. The team saw tremendous success under his direction, including their first Super Bowl victory in 2010. Payton was one of the most well-liked coaches in the league because of his offensive schemes and coaching philosophy.

But in 2012, his career took a blow when he was suspended for the whole season for his part in the “Bounty Scandal,” in which athletes were paid to hurt their opponents. Payton rejoined the Saints as their coach in spite of the suspension, and he guided them to multiple winning seasons.

Payton announced his retirement from coaching following the 2021 campaign. He did, however, interview for head coaching jobs with a number of teams in January 2023, and he ultimately accepted the Denver Broncos head coach position. In order to release Payton from his contract and start a new chapter in his coaching career, the Broncos traded draft picks with the Saints. Throughout his career, Sean Payton gained respect from other NFL coaches due to his creative approaches and unwavering passion for the game.

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